Jordan River Bulbs specializes in the production of high quality flower bulbs and pot plants.

The farm is located in the Jordan Valley 50 km south of the Sea of Galilee.

The company was founded in the late 80's, pioneering the method of growing in isolated soil. Jordan River Bulbs continued developing in this tradition and are today advancing to energy saving growth methods.

The high UV-radiation levels in the Jordan Valley in combination with our advanced "growth cells" allows us to maintain optimal conditions throughout every stage of the growing Amaryllis bulb.

In recent years Jordan River Bulbs developed new varieties in cooperation with the Vulcani Agricultural Research Organization of Israel.

Our bulbs are suitable for both pot-plants and dry-sale.

The annual marketing period starts in June. Every single bulb is carefully inspected and each container receives a health certificate according to the standards of our customers.

We are growing Ornithugalum Dubium as pot plants in Orange, White, Yelow and Light pink varieties. Dubium size 12 pots are planted in August and sea-shipped in ICC trolleys to Europe between December and April.

Jordan River Bulbs, a business partner you can rely on.